Publishing Session Timeouts

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By default when a Published Application is closed the session will be disconnected after 25 seconds, provided no other application is opened within this time-period. These defaults can be changed from:

For version 15.5 and below:

Farm> Terminal Server > Agent Properties.

For version 16 and above:

Farm> RD Session hosts > Agent Properties.


The Terminal Server Agent properties includes 2 Publishing Timeout values:

Name Possible Values Default Value
Publishing Session Timeout Never, 20 seconds - 19 days 25 seconds
Publishing Session Reset Timeout Never, Immediate, 20 seconds - 19 days Immediate




When a session is running Published Applications and the applications are closed, the session checks the Publishing Session Timeout value and disconnects the session provided no other application is started after the selected time period (Publishing Session Reset Timeout).

If Never is selected the session continues to run. When the disconnect session is triggered the Reset Timeout is checked and the system will reset the session after the Reset Timeout has elapsed.

If the Reset Timeout is set to Immediate, the session will not go to a disconnect state but will reset immediately on the Session Timeout.

Note: If session is using RemoteApps these rules are not applied.

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