Fix the inability of increasing hard disk space in Windows 10 virtual machine

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Parallels Desktop increases the space of the last partition in a list. This is a default Windows behavior. To increase the size of a desired partition, you should use the Diskpart program.


NOTE: Before proceeding with the instructions below we highly recommend you creating a snapshot for data safety purposes.

To add space to the C:\ partition you need to remove the last partition that was extended by Parallels Desktop:

  1. Right-click Start button, then click Command Prompt (Admin).


    Click Start button and type Command Prompt then right-click on the suggested item Command Prompt > select Run as administrator.

  2. Open the DISKPART utility by executing the following command:

  3. Navigate to the required disk:

    list disk
    select disk <#>

    where <#> is the required disk number:

  4. Navigate to required partition and remove it:

    list partition
    select partition <#>
    delete partition override

    where <#> is the number of the Recovery partition:

  5. Navigate to the required volume and extend it:

    list volume
    select volume <#>

    where <#> is the C:\ volume number.

  6. When the operation is finished, the following message will be displayed: DiskPart successfully extended the volume.

  7. To make sure the operation was completed successfully, open File Explorer in your Windows virtual machine and check the size of the C: partition.

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