Parallels Tools installation for Windows 98 SE

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Unable to install Parallels Tools in Windows 98 SE.


Parallels Desktop has limited number of Parallels Tools features for Windows 98 guest OS.


Starting from Parallels Desktop 14 prl-tools-other.iso file is not included in the application package, therefore you can download it from KB 124377.

NOTE: There is no Sound driver for Windows 9x in distribution. In Windows 98 you can install Parallels Video Driver only.

  1. Start Windows 98 virtual machine

  2. Go to Devices menu > CD/DVD1 > Connect Image...

  3. Navigate to /Applications/Parallels

  4. Select prl-tools-other.iso file.

  5. Go to Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > Add Hardware and click Next.
  6. The wizard searches for connected devices. When the connected driver appears, click Next.
  7. Click the Have Disk button and then the Browse button. Specify the path:

    C\:Program Files > Parallels > Parallels Tools > Sound/Video/Win98 
  8. Click Next. For Video you need:

    • search video driver prlvideo.inf in D:\Drivers\Video\Win98
    • Click OK and then OK again.
  9. In Device selection dialog you can see Parallels Video Adapter in the list box. Click OK.
  10. Then click Next and Ready. The video driver will be set up.
  11. Restart Windows 98.

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