How to reclaim extra disk space from Windows virtual machine back to the Mac?

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My Windows virtual machine occupies too much space on my Mac's hard drive. How can I make it smaller?


Reclaiming extra disk space clears up the unused hard disk space from Windows back to the Mac.

  1. To reclaim extra disk space find File menu on Mac menu bar > choose Free Up Disk Space...

  2. In the appeared window walk through each option in the list one-by-one starting from deleting snapshots if there are any.

  3. Shutting down the suspended virtual machines will also reclaim some disk space.

    Click on Resume button > then shut down all Windows virtual machines through Start menu button > Power button > Shut Down or by going to Mac menu bar > Actions > Shut Down.

  4. The third option reclaims space from a currently selected virtual machine. 

  5. After clicking on the Reclaim button it will be offered to shut the virtual machine down. Select Shut Down and reclaiming disk space will start. 

  6. Another way to Reclaim Disk Space is available via virtual machine configuration using the General tab. 

  7. If you seldom use a virtual machine or don't use it at all, Archive it to make the virtual machine occupy significantly less disk space on Mac's hard disk.

Additional information

To automate the reclaim procedure you can enable Real-time Disk Optimization (TRIM) feature which is designed to compact the virtual hard disk automatically in the background while the virtual machine is running.

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