How to remove Parallels Desktop Business Edition from a Mac

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I need to delete Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition from a Mac or move the software to another Mac.


Once Parallels Desktop Business Edition is installed and activated on a Mac, an activation is deducted from the license capacity. You must deactivate the software before uninstalling it, so that an activation instance is available again.


If you have access to the Licensing Portal, where you can manage your Parallels Desktop Business license, follow the instructions in KB 122760.

In order to remove the activation, please follow the steps below before deleting Parallels Desktop Business from a Mac. The Mac has to be connected to the Internet.

  1. Quit Parallels Desktop.
  2. Open Terminal. You can find it in the following folder: Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Alternatively, you can type Terminal in Spotlight to find it.

  3. Run the command below to remove the license from the current Mac:

    prlsrvctl deactivate-license

For information on deleting Parallels Desktop, see KB 124255.

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