Unable to expand the virtual hard disk: Windows OS shows the same disk size as before

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After the virtual disk has been successfully expanded using Parallels Desktop menu, I start the virtual machine and the size of the disk stays the same as before

Disk Management and Windows Explorer show different size values for Drive C:


Windows OS is unable to detect changes in the filesystem.


Option #1

  1. Go to Start menu, type cmd, right-click on cmd.exe in search results and choose Run as Administrator.

  2. Execute the commands below one by one:

    list disk
    select disk # 

    (where # is the disk you want to correct)

    list partition
    select partition # 

    (Where # is the partition you want to correct)

    extend filesystem

Option #2

  1. Backup your virtual machine.

  2. Download and install free trial of Acronis Disk Director on Windows side.

  3. Run Disk Director and change size of your 'Local Disk C:', decrease it by 1gb.

  4. Commit this operation and reboot virtual machine if it is required.

  5. Check your size in Windows Explorer. If it is correct, perform the next step. Otherwise, repeat Steps 2-4 and reboot virtual machine.

  6. Open Start menu, type diskmgmt.msc and hit Return/Enter. Increase your hard disk by 1Gb

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