Using Mouse gestures with Parallels Access

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Parallels Access brings a number of features for a smooth experience with Applications on your remote computer as if you have a Mouse connected to your mobile device.

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App Launcher

Mouse cursor is not shown on the App Launcher by default. Use taps for navigating and selecting menus:

Emulating Mouse in Applications

Once you switch to an Application either on your remote computer or a Virtual Machine you have two options:

  1. Do not show Mouse cursor and emulate Mouse clicks by taps (default setting)

  2. Make Mouse cursor and both Left and Right Mouse buttons visible.

Do not show Mouse cursor and emulate Mouse clicks by taps

In this mode (product default), you tap on the screen where you wanted to make a Mouse click. A Single finger tap will produce Left button click, double finger tap will produce Right button click. To select text or other objects simply tap and move your finger without releasing off the screen.

Make the Mouse cursor visible with both Left and Right Mouse button options

If Mouse Pointer mode is selected the Mouse cursor becomes visible on the screen. To navigate the mouse tap anywhere and move your finger in a direction you want - the Mouse cursor will follow you. You will also notice new menu at the bottom of your device screen for emulating Left Button and Right button mouse clicks (see below):

To enable on-the screen magnifier hold your finger for a second and Parallels Access will make this part bigger:

How to Copy and Paste text and images?

To Copy and Paste with Parallels Access follow the same steps as on a native PC: select text by moving your finger along the text and emulate Right Mouse click using either double tap or on-screen toolbar and then select Copy action.

The same applies to Paste operation - emulate Right Mouse click and select Paste operation.

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