How do I tune Parallels Access for better performance?

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Parallels Access can operate on both mobile and Wi-Fi networks. To adjust your settings for the best performance please follow the general tips below:

  1. Use reliable Wi-Fi networks when possible for a more stable connection.

  2. Turn off "Use Detailed Log Messages" option:

    • on iOS devices: Settings > Access and in Troubleshooting section click Use Detailed Log Messages;
    • on Android devices: Start Parallels Access, click on  > Settings, and in Troubleshooting section click Use Detailed Log Messages.
  3. Turn off Sound when it is not necessary:

    • on iOS devices: Settings > Access, and in General section click SoundMute;
    • on Android devices: Start Parallels Access, click on  > Settings, and in General section click SoundMute.
  4. Turn off Microphone.

    Click on cogwheel icon in Parallels Access toolbar > Microphone.

  5. If you are experiencing a black screen when connecting from an iOS device, try changing Parallels Desktop Retina Mode to the opposite value by going to iOS Settings > Access > General.

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  6. Another option for fixing the black screen issue on an iOS device may be decreasing the MTU value in Parallels Access client preferences:

    • Launch Parallels Access Client; 
    • Tap 5 times the word "Computers" at the top bar; 
    • Set the MTU value to something in the range of 800-1150.
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