I received a license key for Parallels Access, how can I use it?

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Once you get a key for Parallels Access, please create a Parallels account as described in KB 6235 or sign in to your account created earlier at My Account.

Once you are logged in, click Register Key and proceed to fill in the fields:

If you already have a Parallels Access subscription registered under the same account, the option to extend the current subscription will pop up. Click Extend if you prefer such an option or Register if you prefer to register the key as a separate one:

Once the key is registered, follow the steps from our website to download and install Parallels Access agent on your Mac/PC and Parallels Access client on the mobile device. Once the Parallels Access agent is installed on the computer you would like to connect to, you should sign in to your Parallels account. To sign in please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Parallels Access icon and choose Sign In from the drop-down menu:

    Your text to link here...
  2. Enter the e-mail address and the password you used while creating a Parallels Account, sign in:

    Your text to link here...
  3. Then go to the Parallels Access mobile application, sign in there as well, and locate the remote computer you are connecting to. The subscription will be waiting for you.

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