Parallels Desktop could not be installed or started. Problem ID: 15380

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This issue may be caused by macOS misconfiguration: if macOS has several user accounts with the same IDs, particularly with ID=0. This ID must belong to root user account only. For more information please visit

To check the user accounts' IDs please execute the following command in Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal):

    dscl . -list /Users UniqueID                (hit Return/Enter)

The output supposed to show you the list of all users (system as well) with their IDs. Please check the users without underscore in the beginning:


If you find any user account with ID=0 (except of root) - this is the root cause of the issue with Parallels Desktop.

NOTE: Please do not change user IDs on your own. Contact Apple Support for further assistance.

After non-root users' IDs are fixed, please try to install/start/activate Parallels Desktop again.

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