Migration error: "The migration could not be completed. An error occurred while migrating the disks."

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The following error message appears during the initialization procedure while preparing for migration (right after the Migrate button is pressed) or at the data transfer stage:

    The migration could not be completed; an error occurred while migrating the disks.


There are two reasons for this error:

  1. Previous migration has completed incorrectly.
  2. File system errors on the computer you are trying to migrate.


  1. On the physical PC: close Parallels Transporter Agent , perform a file system integrity check (see this article for Windows Vista and this article for Windows7) and start it again.
  2. On the Mac side: close Parallels Wizard, and retry migration.
  3. If the problem persists, on your Mac press the Report a problem button. On a remote PC, choose Report a problem from the Parallels Transporter Agent system menu.
  4. Contact Parallels Support, explain the problem and provide reference numbers when possible.

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