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Parallels Desktop for Mac

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My Mac hangs for several minutes after I start the virtual machine Nov, 27 2014
How to use CD/DVD drive on either Mac or Windows Nov, 25 2014
Parallels Desktop trial license period has not started yet Nov, 20 2014
Time settings in virtual machine are not synchronized with Mac Nov, 18 2014
Error 0x800f0906 when running DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Nov, 14 2014
Virtual machine consumes CPU in excess, Mac starts to overheat Nov, 10 2014
How to connect Mac physical partition to the virtual machine? Nov, 10 2014
Parallels Desktop does not start. Unable to connect Parallels Services. Oct, 31 2014
Problem ID: 196 "cannot allocate enough memory for running the virtual machine" Oct, 29 2014
ERROR: Failed to load virtual machine monitor Oct, 29 2014
Function keys in OS X virtual machine do not work after upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 Oct, 28 2014
"process_prl_vm_app caught causing excessive wakeups" error messages in the system.log Oct, 27 2014
Extremely slow performance after the upgrade to Yosemite on iMac12 Mid 2011 Oct, 24 2014
CMD+A not working in Windows Oct, 21 2014
ERROR: 15476. Cannot install Parallels Desktop because there is a non-root user account with the UID 0 in your system Oct, 17 2014
When enabling 'Share Mac applications with Windows' some apps are not transferred to Windows side Oct, 17 2014
Unable to use Windows Start Menu in Coherence mode Oct, 16 2014
Unable to start Mac OS X virtual machine. It hangs with the grey screen Oct, 14 2014
Windows application shows the question marks instead of the national characters. Oct, 14 2014
ERROR: 15477 "some of the required components are missing from the operating system of your Mac" Oct, 13 2014
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