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Parallels Operations Automation

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POA cannot remove 'vzpem-mysql-server-as4' or 'vzpem-mysql-client-as4' templates from VPS Jul, 26 2014
MS SQL: The system was unable to set data size limit for this database Jul, 26 2014
Publication fails with "It is possible that there are no enough permissions for writing or there is not enough free space on the server." Jul, 25 2014
[O365] sync script failed: Instance of application service with id does not exist Jul, 25 2014
"Retrieve traffic usage data" task fails: Malformed UsageInfo Jul, 24 2014
How to register new Linux shared hosting server in POA Jul, 24 2014
Cannot log into Control Panel: 'Service Unavailable. The corresponding service is not available at the moment, try it within 2-3 minutes.' Jul, 24 2014
POA agent installation fails with error No_PERMISSION Jul, 24 2014
Supported SharePoint Versions Jul, 24 2014
POA 5.5.6 HOTFIX 122159 CLM Jul, 24 2014
User cannot log in to Exchange mailbox with correct password Jul, 23 2014
Lync user receives HTTP 404 error trying to open meeting URL Jul, 23 2014
Cannot access a view in MySQL database due to error: "'view_name' references invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them" Jul, 23 2014
POA 5.5.6 HOTFIX 122266 IIS WPB Jul, 22 2014
Office 365 Integration Release Notes Jul, 22 2014
[Office 365] Cannot create subscription: "Customer subscriptions are not ready yet" Jul, 22 2014
Webmail in POA CCP is inaccessible: Allowed memory size exhausted Jul, 22 2014
How to edit OWKO of AD object: add/remove data by MPS or WPE call Jul, 22 2014
Unable to switch between POA and PBA Jul, 22 2014
A domain hosted on a POA-managed Plesk server is not resolvable Jul, 21 2014
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