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Parallels Business Automation - Standard

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What is a Zero Balance Order? Jul, 24 2014
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Languages selection on PCC login Jun, 8 2014
Remote store - http error 500 Jun, 8 2014
SSL subscription in PBA-S - is it possible to change the Expiry date? Jun, 8 2014
Customers cannot manage PA subscriptions in CP: "PA control panel is currently unavailable" Jun, 8 2014
ResellerClub domain registration plug-in for PBAS Jun, 3 2014
Domain Status Update does not work after registration Jun, 2 2014
How to configure SEPA Plugin in PBA-S? Jun, 2 2014
All account's subscriptions deleted Jun, 1 2014
I can not create a Virtual Machine after I upgraded to 4.5.2 May, 28 2014
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Problem with upgrading Plesk through major templates automatically in PBAS May, 14 2014
Upgrade Parallels Plesk Panel 11 to Plesk 12 in Parallels Business Automation Standard May, 12 2014
Cannot edit printable form: the form is empty Apr, 29 2014
Cannot add a subdomain for POA/PPA subscriptions through CP: "From this screen, it is not possible to add a subdomain for this subscription" Apr, 29 2014
Cannot login to CP: "file 'web_header_cp.tmpl' not found by full path '' CP can not be used in this skin" Apr, 29 2014
[INFO] How to install a different SSL certificate to a reseller? Apr, 29 2014
[INFO] How to change root password for SSH-manageable DNS server in PBA-S Apr, 25 2014
[INFO] When a customer comments on a support ticket, response is attributed to a staff member Apr, 25 2014

The articles updated most recently

Parallels Virtual Automation builds, releases, and supported virtualization products Jul, 26 2014
How do I increase backup timeout in HSPcomplete? Jul, 25 2014
What is a Zero Balance Order? Jul, 24 2014
PBA-S does not process a renewal order automatically Jul, 21 2014
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What is the Software Update Service (SUS)? Jul, 21 2014
Plesk License is not installed automatically into Virtuozzo Container with Parallels Plesk Panel Jul, 15 2014
Provider cannot modify a Hosting Plan if it contains Plesk 8.x or Plesk 9.x licenses Jul, 14 2014
How to get a trial license for Parallels Business Automation Standard Jul, 10 2014
Problem with upgrading Plesk through major templates automatically in PBAS Jul, 10 2014
Email from CentralNic Group about changes in Toolkit API Jul, 7 2014
How do I downgrade Plesk Client IP addresses in PBA-S? Jul, 7 2014
Unable to open Horde webmail - internal server error: directory is writable by others:/var/www/cgi-bin/cgi_wrapper Jul, 1 2014
[INFO] How does PBA-S perform a domain lookup? Jun, 30 2014
PBA-S Error: Webspace with primary domain name <domain_name> already exists. Jun, 24 2014
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Parallels license fails to update Jun, 23 2014
How do I migrate Plesk accounts from one Plesk node registered in the PBA-S system to another one? Jun, 16 2014
How to change the PBA-S system hostname? Jun, 16 2014
Cannot open an SSL certificate: "Server is temporarily closed for maintenance" Jun, 16 2014
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