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Parallels Desktop does not start. Unable to connect Parallels Services. Oct, 31 2014
Problem ID: 196 "cannot allocate enough memory for running the virtual machine" Oct, 29 2014
ERROR: Failed to load virtual machine monitor Oct, 29 2014
Function keys in OS X virtual machine do not work after upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 Oct, 28 2014
"process_prl_vm_app caught causing excessive wakeups" error messages in the system.log Oct, 27 2014
Extremely slow performance after the upgrade to Yosemite on iMac12 Mid 2011 Oct, 24 2014
CMD+A not working in Windows Oct, 21 2014
Parallels Desktop keeps functioning automatically Oct, 20 2014
ERROR: 15476. Cannot install Parallels Desktop because there is a non-root user account with the UID 0 in your system Oct, 17 2014
When enabling 'Share Mac applications with Windows' some apps are not transferred to Windows side Oct, 17 2014
How can I purchase/renew my subscription for Parallels Access for Business? Oct, 17 2014
Unable to use Windows Start Menu in Coherence mode Oct, 16 2014
How can I create an account for Parallels Access for Business? Oct, 15 2014
How can I add or remove Parallels Access users in my administrative account? Oct, 15 2014
Unable to start Mac OS X virtual machine. It hangs with the grey screen Oct, 14 2014
Windows application shows the question marks instead of the national characters. Oct, 14 2014
ERROR: 15477 "some of the required components are missing from the operating system of your Mac" Oct, 13 2014
Parallels Desktop 10 OS X Yosemite specific features Oct, 9 2014
Is there any way I could buy one item from bundled software? Oct, 9 2014
How to Enter Windows console using Mac Terminal Oct, 3 2014
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