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Unable to use additional mouse buttons in Windows virtual machine Dec, 8 2017
Windows starts with "The handle is invalid" error message at login screen. Dec, 6 2017
Visual artifacts when moving Windows application window in Coherence Dec, 6 2017
Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Business Edition updates summary Dec, 5 2017
Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac System Requirements Nov, 30 2017
How can I use a Parallels Desktop Business Edition license on a new Mac? Nov, 22 2017
Unable to start the virtual machine after restoring from Acronis True Image backup Nov, 22 2017
Cannot undo changes using German keyboard layout. (CMD+Z) shortcut doesn't work. Nov, 17 2017
Unable to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 7 after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 13 Nov, 15 2017
Unable to start Virtual Machine - EFI Boot Nov, 14 2017
How can I improve virtual machine performance on my Mac? Nov, 9 2017
What are the Virtual Machine hardware limits? Nov, 9 2017
Parallels Desktop mass deployment Nov, 9 2017
Windows-based programs resolution issues on Apple Retina display Nov, 7 2017
Hardware acceleration is grayed out in SolidWorks Oct, 31 2017
"Enter Coherence" option is grayed out Oct, 31 2017
Parallels Desktop and Mac OS (Host) compatibility Oct, 19 2017
How to mass deploy Parallels Desktop to Macs with macOS 10.13 High Sierra Oct, 16 2017
Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut does not work in Windows VM after Parallels Desktop 12.1.0 update Oct, 11 2017
What virtualization platforms are supported as nested in Parallels Desktop for Mac? Oct, 10 2017
Nested Hyper-V support in Parallels Desktop virtual machines Oct, 10 2017
Unable to use BootCamp based virtual machine after upgrading to macOS 10.13 Oct, 6 2017
How to get to your virtual machine's configuration Sep, 25 2017
How to uninstall Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Sep, 21 2017
A virtual machines list in Parallels Control Center cannot be re-ordered manually Sep, 14 2017
How to create a Problem Report ID for Parallels Transporter Agent Sep, 13 2017
Use external graphics with Parallels Desktop for Mac Sep, 11 2017
Windows cannot access \\Mac\Home\Desktop error Sep, 1 2017
Can I play 3D videogames using Parallels Desktop for Mac? Aug, 25 2017
How to install Parallels Tools? Aug, 24 2017
macOS Sierra: How to exclude a virtual machine from being stored in iCloud Drive Aug, 24 2017
My virtual machine consumes about 100% of the Mac CPU resources Aug, 23 2017
Lifecycle Announcement for Parallels Desktop for Mac Aug, 22 2017
How to reinstall Parallels Tools in Windows Guest OS? Aug, 22 2017
Network problems in the virtual machine Aug, 22 2017
How to get Parallels Desktop support? Aug, 22 2017
What's new in Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac? Aug, 22 2017
Parallels Desktop system extensions are blocked on macOS 10.13 High Sierra Aug, 22 2017
Installing Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop Aug, 22 2017
How to activate a Parallels Desktop 13 trial period? Aug, 22 2017
Activation of Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Business Edition Aug, 22 2017
Rollback Mode: Working in Windows Without Saving Changes Aug, 21 2017
Virtual machine profiles in Parallels Desktop 12 Aug, 20 2017
How to enable detailed logging for Parallels Desktop Aug, 9 2017
Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Business Edition updates summary Aug, 8 2017
How to disable Quick Look in Windows virtual machine? Aug, 8 2017
What is a Parallels account? Aug, 6 2017
How to enable Secure Boot in UEFI based virtual machines? Aug, 4 2017
Registering a license in a Parallels business account Aug, 4 2017
Parallels virtual machine shows larger size in Finder than in the configuration and Windows Aug, 4 2017
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