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Virtual machine profiles in Parallels Desktop 12 Aug, 20 2017
How to get to your virtual machine's configuration Aug, 18 2017
My virtual machine consumes about 100% of the Mac CPU resources Aug, 18 2017
Lifecycle Announcement for Parallels Desktop for Mac Aug, 17 2017
How to enable detailed logging for Parallels Desktop Aug, 9 2017
Unable to install or start Parallels Desktop after upgrading to macOS High Sierra 10.13 Developer Beta 4 Aug, 9 2017
Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Business Edition updates summary Aug, 8 2017
How to disable Quick Look in Windows virtual machine? Aug, 8 2017
What is a Parallels account? Aug, 6 2017
How to enable Secure Boot in UEFI based virtual machines? Aug, 4 2017
Registering a license in a Parallels business account Aug, 4 2017
Parallels virtual machine shows larger size in Finder than in the configuration and Windows Aug, 4 2017
Hardware acceleration is grayed out in SolidWorks Aug, 1 2017
How to deploy Parallels Desktop for Mac with a custom password to restrict user actions Jul, 24 2017
How to install or upgrade to Parallels Desktop 9 Jul, 22 2017
Virtual machine consumes CPU in excess, Mac starts to overheat Jul, 3 2017
How to disable the Dock/the Mac OS X menu when working in Full Screen? Jun, 30 2017
ERROR: The network adapter does not exist Jun, 28 2017
Facetime Camera stops working after starting Parallels Desktop Jun, 17 2017
Parallels Desktop mass deployment Jun, 16 2017
How to boot OS X/macOS virtual machine in Safe mode? Jun, 13 2017
What is an Expanding Disk? Jun, 12 2017
Parallels Tools installation in Windows XP virtual machine hangs at 62% Jun, 9 2017
Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac system requirements Jun, 8 2017
Parallels Tools Troubleshooting Jun, 6 2017
Unable to register Parallels Desktop with error 'check your Internet connection' Jun, 2 2017
How to transfer hard drive from the existing virtual machine to an empty one? May, 26 2017
Working with snapshots May, 25 2017
How to set up printing from Windows VM using Mac OS compatible printers or Apple Bonjour May, 24 2017
Using Apple iSight and other web cams in Parallels Desktop virtual machines May, 23 2017
Can I use DisplayLink monitors with Parallels Desktop? May, 21 2017
Installing Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop May, 20 2017
Installing Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop Lite May, 20 2017
Can I buy a copy of Microsoft Windows from Parallels? May, 20 2017
How to upgrade my virtual machine to Windows 10? May, 19 2017
How can I improve virtual machine performance on my Mac? May, 15 2017
Video Issues Troubleshooting May, 15 2017
Network problems in the virtual machine May, 8 2017
Parallels Desktop Travel Mode May, 6 2017
Error while activating Parallels Desktop for Mac using the command line: Failed to install the license May, 3 2017
ERROR: Operation timeout May, 2 2017
Unable to use Logitech Performance MX mouse back and forward buttons in Windows virtual machine Apr, 24 2017
Critical error when starting the virtual machine on Mac OS X Apr, 21 2017
Can I play computer (3D) games using Parallels Desktop? Apr, 18 2017
Real-time Disk Optimization in Parallels Desktop for Mac Apr, 17 2017
Unable to use a virtual machine with another Mac user account Apr, 13 2017
SERVICE NOTIFICATION: Windows 10 doesn't boot after installing Сreators Update Apr, 11 2017
Mouse synchronization does not work between Mac OS and virtual machine Apr, 4 2017
How can I check the version, edition and build number of Parallels Desktop? Apr, 3 2017
Unable to find 'Enable nested virtualization' option in virtual machine's configuration Apr, 3 2017
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