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How can I upgrade Parallels Desktop for Mac? Do I need to reinstall everything completely? Will I lose my existing VMs because of upgrade? Jan, 26 2017
Windows Taskbar is placed behind the Mac Dock in Coherence Jan, 25 2017
Error 1714 while installing Parallels Tools Jan, 24 2017
How to terminate a frozen virtual machine Jan, 24 2017
Error: Unable to start the virtual machine. There's not enough disk space available... Jan, 24 2017
Degraded virtual machine performance due to disabled virtualization support Jan, 24 2017
Error: Your virtual machine may run slow because virtualization support is disabled on your Mac Jan, 24 2017
Configuring local storage for Apple updates using Reposado Jan, 24 2017
How to create a Problem Report in Parallels Access Jan, 24 2017
[2056] - The remote session was disconnected because there are no Terminal Server License Servers available to provide a license. Jan, 23 2017
How to enable Intel VT-x virtualization feature in Mac computer Jan, 21 2017
Remote Application Server Reporting does not function after upgrade to version 15.0.3864 Jan, 20 2017
"[6151] - Internal Error" while starting published application from HTML5 browser Jan, 20 2017
Remote Application Server: Client Filtering error "No new servers were found" Jan, 18 2017
How to collect full memory dump of Remote Application Server process? Jan, 17 2017
Properties of a Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM sublicense Jan, 17 2017
Properties of a Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition sublicense Jan, 17 2017
Managing sublicenses in a Parallels business account Jan, 17 2017
Properties of a Parallels Remote Application Server sublicense Jan, 17 2017
VoiceOver works incorrectly for Parallels Desktop interface Jan, 17 2017
Remote Application Server: Downloading Windows CE Client Jan, 17 2017
Unable to detect External Hard Drive in Windows virtual machine Jan, 17 2017
Upgrading Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM Jan, 11 2017
Unable to configure Proxy. Unable to choose HTTP or HTTPS mode Jan, 11 2017
Internal Error <65540> Jan, 11 2017
How to verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services Jan, 11 2017
Mac OS X web browsers, email, and other Internet applications work slowly Jan, 10 2017
Windows 7 Look feature does not work on Windows 8 / 8.1 virtual machine Jan, 10 2017
My Not-for-Resale license key for Parallels Desktop 11 stopped working Jan, 9 2017
Unable to install Parallels Desktop. Installer hangs. Dec, 30 2016
Rollback Mode: Working in Windows Without Saving Changes Dec, 30 2016
Unable to use Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller in virtual machine Dec, 29 2016
How to use Mac Bluetooth in virtual machine? Dec, 29 2016
ERROR: Hard disk %1 used by the virtual machine \"%2\" cannot be compressed Dec, 29 2016
Unable to compress virtual hard disk. The disk cannot be compressed because it is used by the virtual machine that is in Safe mode or Undo Disks mode, or has snapshots Dec, 29 2016
What is the difference between Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition? Dec, 28 2016
No network access in Parallels Desktop Lite VM if McAfee firewall is enabled on Mac Dec, 27 2016
Cisco AnyConnect VPN on the Mac disconnects on Parallels Desktop startup Dec, 26 2016
Netbooting is too slow Dec, 23 2016
How to analyse Windows crash dump Dec, 22 2016
Parallels Remote Application Server 15.5 System Requirements Dec, 22 2016
How to create a Problem Report ID Dec, 22 2016
Windows performance is slow and prl_cc.exe process consumes 50-100% of CPU Dec, 21 2016
Unable to use Function keys in Windows virtual machine Dec, 21 2016
How to uninstall Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Dec, 21 2016
Known issues with macOS Sierra and Parallels products Dec, 21 2016
How to use the Mac OS X Configuration Profile dialog in the Configuration Manager console Dec, 20 2016
How to uninstall Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Dec, 20 2016
How to uninstall Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac Dec, 20 2016
How to install Windows 10 with Microsoft USB installation stick Dec, 20 2016
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