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Parallels Business Automation - Standard

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[INFO] When a customer comments on a support ticket, response is attributed to a staff member Apr, 25 2014
[INFO] How to erase test accounts in PBA-S Apr, 24 2014
Cannot import a private key: "Application error" Apr, 24 2014
Cannot create a container's backup: "The maximum number of backups has been reached, no more backups can be created" Apr, 22 2014
Cannot delete a container's backup: "Failed to get information about backup" Apr, 22 2014
[INFO] Firewall rules disappear after restarting iptables Apr, 18 2014
Application Templates are disabled for selection in new online store Apr, 18 2014
Cannot install PBA-S: "Terminal geometry less than 80x25 is not supported" Apr, 18 2014
Store is not available after migrating PBA-S to new container Apr, 18 2014
Questionnaire does not work: "The 'answer_list' parameter" Apr, 17 2014
Cannot resolve a Plesk Domain conflict: "Unable to assign IP address to PleskDomain #ID" Apr, 16 2014
Cannot open a Domain Registration subscription: "Domain ID not found" Apr, 16 2014
For a PPA subscription: tab "Webspaces" is missing in PBA-S CP Apr, 16 2014
Cannot order a SSL certificate: "Invalid Email address is found in the CSR file" Apr, 15 2014
[INFO] How to prevent domain names being added to shopping cart automatically Apr, 15 2014
[INFO] Propagate service users created in PPA/POA to PBA-S Apr, 11 2014
[INFO][LogicBox] Cannot register or transfer a .es domain: "Error during adding contact" Apr, 11 2014
Cannot manage PA subscriptions in CP: "The PA control panel is currently unavailable" Apr, 10 2014
[InterNetX] Domain remains "Registering", no registration request is sent to the registrar Apr, 10 2014
CVE-2014-0160: Security vulnerability in OpenSSL 1.0.1 Apr, 9 2014

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Parallels Virtual Automation builds, releases, and supported virtualization products Apr, 25 2014
How to migrate credit cards to Authorize.Net CIM tokens Apr, 25 2014
PBA-S task fails with error "Your password is not complex enough" Apr, 25 2014
PBA-S 4.1 Updates List Apr, 25 2014
How to register a Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.6 node in PBA-S using compat mode Apr, 25 2014
After reboot of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 node integration with PBAS 4.0 become broken Apr, 25 2014
[INFO] Move accounts between vendors Apr, 25 2014
Invalid approver email addresses are requested for SSL certificate for www.domain.tld ordered with Enom Plug-in Apr, 25 2014
Plesk's Overuse policy is not manageable through PBAS Apr, 25 2014
Move PBA-S database to separate server (MySQL4) Apr, 25 2014
Plesk and Sitebuilder applications cannot be uninstalled from containers (CTs) using Provider Control Center (PCC) or Customer Panel (CP) Apr, 25 2014
Synchronization with Plesk fails: "Server is temporarily closed for maintenance" Apr, 25 2014
How to remove Customer and Business Manager (CBM, formerly Plesk Billing) from Parallels Plesk Panel Apr, 25 2014
How to update OS (minor) of PBA-S server Apr, 25 2014
PBA-S store shows 404 error 'No Web Site Is Configured At This Address' Apr, 25 2014
How do I customize PBA-S login window? Apr, 25 2014
Subscription was put on hold in PBA-S but hosting service is still active Apr, 25 2014
How to increase log level in PBA-S Apr, 25 2014
DNS zones are not synced to PBA-S-managed name servers Apr, 25 2014
Virtuozzo for Windows server is marked as 'Offline' in PBA-S Apr, 25 2014
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