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Issues with SoftICE sofware

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

Windows goes to BSOD

Windows goes to BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) after installing one of the old versions of SoftICE software (e.g. version 4.05).

The reason of the failure is internal error of SoftICE that was fixed in newer versions (starting from 4.32) of the software.

In order to fix the problem, please turn off non-execution feature support:

I. System flag usage

a. Shutdown Windows in the virtual machine.
b. Go to Virtual Machine --> Configure --> Hardware --> Boot Order and find the Boot Flags area

c. Paste the following string to Boot Flags:


4. Hit OK to save the changes and start your virtual machine.

II. Fixing the problem on Windows level

Turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows. You can follow this article to get it done.

Display Refreshing Issues

If you have a problem with video performance, you can disable Parallels Video Adapter before SoftICE installation.
To disable Parallels Video Adapter please complete the following items:
  1. Launch your Windows virtual machine
  2. Go to Start and right-click on Computer
  3. Choose Device Manager –-> Display Adapter –-> Parallels Video Adapter and set it to Disable
  4. Save the changes and restart Windows

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