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Web Presence Builder icon is missing from Customer Control Panel

  • Parallels Plesk Panel 11.5 for Linux

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The Web Presence Builder (WPB) component is installed on the server but it is not possible to edit/publish a site with Web Presence Builder. The "Edit site with WPB" button is missing from the Customer Control Panel.

The PPSitebuilder package is listed in the Server components:

Server Administration Panel > Settings > Server components


1. Check if the Web Presence Builder publishing feature is available on the Plesk license key. If the parameter Sites published with Web Presence Builder equals zero, customers will not be able to use WPB.

Server Administration Panel > Tools & Utilities > License Management

To enable Web Presence Builder on the license, it is necessary to upgrade your license with a bundle pack, or to install the license with a bundle pack that is already available.

2. If the Web Presence Builder limit on the license is not zero, the ability to edit the site is determined by the service plan:

Server Administration Panel > Service Plans > (Select service plan) > (Set the desired limit for the "Sites published with Web Presence Builder" parameter)

With a "0" limit set, the Sites published with Web Presence Builder parameter button for editing a site with WPB is hidden. It is not visible to customers. Pay attention to the "Allow customer to create trial Web Presence Builder websites" parameter. This setting gives the ability to edit a site with WPB using the disabled publishing option.

3. A subscription inherits the settings and limits of its service plan. However, subscription limits can be customized. Check that the limit of the Sites published with Web Presence Builder parameter is not changed:

Server Administration Panel > Subscriptions > (Select subscription) > click on the "Customize" button > (Check the limit for the "Sites published with Web Presence Builder" parameter)

4. Presence Builder "Edit Website" button will be available only after you created the website via Presence Builder in the "Start creating your website in one of the three ways" menu.

Compare the two screenshots below before the created website and after:



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