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How to use the built-in Mac bluetooth in Windows under Parallels Desktop

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac


This article is for Parallels Desktop 7 or earlier. If you have Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac or higher, check this article:

Please perform the following steps to use the built-in Mac Bluetooth in Windows under Parallels Desktop:

Note: If your Mac does not have a CD/DVD drive or your version of Mac OS X does not have a DVD media, please check this article:

  1. Insert the Mac OS X Installation DVD.
  2. Open Parallels Desktop.
  3. Start the Windows virtual machine.
  4. Mount the DVD drive to the virtual machine:
    • Go to Virtual Machine -> Configure -> Hardware -> CD/DVD 1, and select 'Connected' if available.
    • Go to Virtual Machine -> Configure -> Hardware -> CD/DVD 1, and select Choose your real Mac CD-ROM from the list (if it is not already selected).
  5. After starting Windows, the DVD automatically launches if Autorun is enabled. Close this autorun window.
  6. From the Windows side, open 'My Computer'.
  7. Right-click 'WindowsSupport (CD/DVD Drive)', then click 'Explore'.
  8. Launch \Apple\AppleBluetoothEnablerInstaller.exe and \Apple\AppleBluetoothInstaller.exe.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions for the installer.
  10. Restart the virtual machine when prompted.

As soon as the Bluetooth drivers are installed, go to the Parallels top menubar and click 'Devices' -> 'USB' and connect 'Apple - Wireless' or 'Apple USB Bluetooth'

If the Bluetooth device is still not operable, try updating the drivers manually:

  1. Go to Start -> right-click (or Control+click) on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'
  2. Switch to the 'Device Manager' pane
  3. Right-click (or Control+click) on the Bluetooth device in question (it might be also shown as Unknown device or marked with yellow sign) and choose 'Update driver"'
  4. Select "No, not this time" when asked about connecting to Windows update server
  5. Select 'Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)'
  6. Select 'Don't search, I will choose the driver to install'
  7. On the next screen click 'Have disk' and browse for the AppleBT.inf file located in the AppleBluetoothInstaller on your Mac DVD.
  8. Select 'Open' and wait while setup is finished
  9. Reboot the virtual machine.

In case this solution did not help, please refer to the article #113274.

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