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[Info]How To Exchange Information Between Mac OS X and Virtual Machine?

  • Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac Standard Edition


How to Transfer Information Between Mac OS X and Virtual Machine?

There are several  ways to transfer information between Mac OS X and Virtual Machine:

1. To move some file of any type you can  drag-and-drop that file between Mac and Virtual Machine's window,
or use Shared Folders to copy files from/to Mac OS or Guest OS.

2. To transfer some text,  you can easily copy it from one document and paste it in another.
In Parallels Desktop version 3 clipboard limit is 1 MB
In Parallels Desktop version 4 there is no limitation for clipboard.

3. There is no option to transfer a picture or other non-text information between Mac OS X clipboard and Virtual Machine's clipboard.
You can save picture or other information to file and use  suggestion in p. 1.

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