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Parallels Toolbox for Windows updates summary

  • Parallels Toolbox for Windows

Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1.0 (686)

This update for Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1.0 (686) includes the following improvements:

  • Ability to set launch shortcuts for tools
  • Preferences to specify files output location for various tools
  • Option to save screenshots in different image format
  • Option to set timeframe for "Do Not Sleep" deactivation
  • Option to specify file size for Record Audio recordings
  • Option to specify file size for Record video tools
  • Option to disable automatic loading of Toolbox when computer starts
  • Option for delay in Capture tools
  • Option for delay in Record video tools

Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0.1 (588)

This update for Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0.1 (588) resolves several important issues currently present in Toolbox for Windows 1.0.0:

  • Toolbox crashes for some users when installed in VM
  • Fixes to login/registration dialog
  • Vertical line in Toolbox UI in Windows 10 VM

Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0.0 (519)

Parallels Toolbox 1.0.0 (519) makes it easy to perform many common tasks on the PC with simple single-function tools. Tools can be started from Start menu, pinned to the taskbar, and used from the Parallels Toolbox window. Tools included in this version:

  • Audio and video management: record audio, mute microphone, video downloader, and video converter
  • Take Screenshots: capture area, window, or screen
  • Record Screen: record area, window, or screen
  • Take Photo and Take Video
  • Peace, productivity, and privacy: do not disturb, do not sleep, hide desktop icons, and lock screen
  • Archiving: archive and un-archive


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