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How to free up disk space after upgrade to Windows 10?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard Edition


If you have upgraded your virtual machine to Windows 10 OS, you may be able to remove old Windows installation files from the system to free up significant disk space.

NOTE: Please take a snapshot of your virtual machine (in Parallels Desktop menu bar go to Actions -> Take snapshot...) before you proceed with the instruction below to be able to revert all the changes.

  1. At the search bar type Disk Clean-up and select an appropriate utility and wait for the scan to complete.


  2. At the opened window click on Clean up system files button.


  3. In the new window opened you need to select two categoties:

    • Previous Windows installation(s)
    • Temporary Windows installation files

    Please note that you may check other items as well here to free up more space.


  4. Click OK to proceed, you'll see the following warning:


    So, if you previously created snapshot, you may click on Yes and wait till the operation will be completed. Should any problem happen after removing old Windows files you may always revert to previous system state by going to Actions -> Revert to snapshot

  5. That's it. You may be able to free up more or less that 5-6 GB depending on the updates that you have installed on your Windows virtual machine in the past.

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