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How to delete a virtual machine in Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac?

  • Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac Standard Edition


I would like to delete my virtual machine. How can I do it?


Important: This operation is irreversible. The virtual machine will be deleted, and there is no way to restore it.

Follow these steps to delete your virtual machine:

  1. Launch Parallels Desktop 11, but do not start your virtual machine.

  2. Activate the Control Center (click on Window from the application menu, then click on Control Center).


  3. Right-click on your virtual machine and select Remove.

  4. Choose Keep files, if you wish to access the files in this virtual machine later. The virtual machine will be removed from the list, but it will remain in its original location.

    Choose Move to Trash, if you do not need any data from this virtual machine and want to remove it completely.

Note: If you do not have Parallels Desktop for Mac installed, search for the .pvm file in /Users/username/Documents/Parallels/, /Users/Shared/Parallels/, or /Users/username/Library/Parallels. Then move it to the Trash. If you need a hand finding the virtual machine on your Mac, type .pvm in the Spotlight search bar.

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