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How to silently install the Parallels RDP Client

  • Parallels Remote Application Server


Sometimes it is necessary to silently install the Parallels RDP client. This may be done using MSIEXEC and a series of parameters.


A bat file may be created with the following content to install the RDP Client silently:

msiexec /qn /i 2xclient.msi DEFSETTINGS="2XSettings.2xc"

Some considerations for this process:

  • It is best to use the same case as the string might be case sensitive -There needs to be present installation of the 2XClient on the machine.

When MSIEXEC determines it needs to do a repair, the switches are not executed:

As a result, if you are deploying this to a brand new machine, it will deploy silently with the config. If an install is present, some switches will be ignored tampering with the succesful deployment of the client.


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