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Parallels Remote Application Server user based licensing

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 14.1
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 14.0
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 12.0

The user based licensing model allows users to quickly and easily deploy ParallelsRemote Application Server with a simple, straightforward licensing model.

Parallels Remote Application Server licensing terms

Terms for the user based licensing model are defined as follows:

  • Concurrent user based licenses: the number of concurrent users per device licensed for the product.
  • Current users: the number of concurrent users per device logged into the product.
  • Peak users: the highest amount of concurrent users logged into the product.

Licensing Conversion

License type and user count

1 Server - 15 users

2 Servers - 50 users

3+ Servers - 35 users per server

The above information illustrates the number of users that existing Parallels Remote Application Server licenses will be granted for customers upgrading from version 10.

How licenses are counted

The below is true when a connection is established for Parallels connections:

  • When a user connects to a Client Secure Gateway, the username information is paired to his MAC Address. This pair will contribute towards 1 license key being consumed when a published resource is invoked.
  • The license is retained until the published resource is closed.
  • The same user connecting from a different device with a different MAC Address will consume a second license.
  • Users logged on different farms require a separate license per farm.

For RDP connections via MSTSC, the following is true:

  • A license is consumed if connecting to the Gateway port via MSTSC (default port 80).
  • A license is consumed if connecting to the RDP port configured in the gateway.

A license is not consumed if a client RDPs directly into the back-end RDS server. For MSTSC connections that are counted, the license is dropped immediately after disconnect/logoff.

Grace Period

The flexible Parallels Remote Application Server user based licensing system allows you to rectify the total licensed users within 7 days from the moment the limit is exceeded. This guarantees no hiccups in the upgrade process. When the grace period is triggered, a notification email is automatically sent to the Remote Application Server administrator. You can also opt to send a notification email to the Sales team to help you in managing your licenses proactively.

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