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How to use Fullscreen mode on Multiple Monitors?

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Standard Edition


How to use Parallels Desktop in Multiple Monitors?


  1. Connect second monitor to Mac;
  2. Start Virtual Machine;
  3. In the "View" menu from Parallels Desktop check the "Use All Displays in Full Screen" option;
  4. Switch the virtual machine into Fullscreen view mode; In Parallels Desktop menu bar go to View and check Use All Displays in Full Screen option.
  5. Go to StartControl Panel;
  6. Go to Display SettingsAdjust Resolution (on the left pane);
  7. Click the additional monitors one-by-one, and in the drop-down menu in the center of the window, select "Extend Windows desktop to this display" for each of the monitors;
  8. Click Apply;
  9. Restart Windows Virtual Machine and observe Windows in Multiple monitors.

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