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How to get Parallels Access support?

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I need to contact Parallels Access technical support.


Please note that you can contact Support right from your mobile device.

On an Android device click on the upper right corner of the screen to open an application menu, click on Feedback, select Request Support.

On a iOS device click on Provide Feedback, select Request Support.


  • Self-Service Resources

Prior to contacting our Support Team, the best place to find answers to your questions is to search our FAQ, Knowledge Base or Parallels Forums.

  • Email Support

To get email support for Parallels Access fill in the form on this page and submit the support request.

  • Phone support

You can reach Parallels technical support team using one of the following options available at

  • call Parallels using a toll-free or an international number;
  • call Parallels using Skype or Click-To-Call option.

Note: Parallels Access Support is only provided in English.

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