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Standard User creates automatically inside Windows

  • Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Standard Edition


Standard User account created automatically in Windows virtual machine. I removed it manually but restarting Windows it once again creates a Standard account and asks for a password.


The issue might be caused by:

  • Group Policy settings inside Windows
  • Malware

Parallels Desktop cannot cause this behavior. This is internal Windows issue.


The issue is not related to the virtualization.

We would recommend you to contact Microsoft Support for the further assistance.

For more information please view the examples below:


  1. Here customer uses Windows XP machine and he noted that a virus added a command that created a new user every tine machine was restarted:

    • This particular case was resolved by manual modifying Windows settings.
  2. Here customer uses Windows 7 which creates a 'standard' user every time machine is restarted (was resolved by scanning with antivirus):

    • This issue was resolved by scanning with antivirus.

You may either contact your local administrator or request assistance from the OS vendor directly. We advise you to check with the OS vendor/other 3rd parties providing support for Windows OS issues in advance if they charge any additional expenses for their support services.

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