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Out of disk space.

  • Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Home Edition


I have tried to start Bootcamp Virtual Machine but getting error message


I already performed all steps from this article but still the issue persists.


  • Host OS misconfiguration
  • Wrong permissions
  • Wrong location of 'pvm' file


  1. Please check the location of 'pvm' file by right-click on Virtual Machine's window > Show in Finder. The Location by default is


In case the 'pvm' file located at the /Volumes/C - This is the root cause of the issue.

For example, If you try create new VM in the this location the same error will appear.

To fix the issue please do the following:

Create new Virtual Machine without source:

  1. Go to Parallels Desktop > New... > Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file.
  2. Make actile the option 'Continue without source' and click Continue.
  3. At the 'Name and Location' stage please change the incorrect location to Users/Shared/Parallels


  4. Tick 'Customize setting before installation' and click Continue.
  5. In the Configuration window switch to Hardware Tab > Hard Disk 1 > at the 'Source' field select your Bootcamp partition.
  6. Close installation window and complete new virtual machine creation process.

Also, please check your Mac Hard Drive for errors:

Go to Disk Utility > select Macintosh HD and click Verify Disk. The normal result is:


In case you receive any errors or this process just hangs, we would recommend you to contact Apple Support in order to check your Mac HD for errors.

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