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An error occurred during a virtual machine operation. Problem ID: 51

  • Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac Standard Edition


  • My Windows virtual machine (VM) randomly crashes while running.
  • Parallels Desktop freezes along with the VM.
  • I am not able to suspend the VM.
  • I cannot create a snapshot of my VM.


  1. Shut down your virtual machine.
  2. Open virtual machine's configuration window -> Hardware -> Graphics -> and assign 256MB of graphics memory.

Assign 512MB if your Mac has Retina display or you are running graphic-consuming applications in virtual machine (CAD, graphic designers, video games).

  1. If your virtual machine still crashes, please contact the Parallels Support team for assistance:

NOTE: before contacting Support team please make sure to send technical data and save its ID number to be ready to provide it to the Support team which will help to investigate an issue.

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