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How can I find a third party product key purchased from the Parallels Online Store?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


I lost/did not receive a license key for Windows, Kaspersky or any other third party software that was purchased at the Parallels Online Store. How can I retrieve it?


If you purchased a license from Parallels Online Store after August 12, 2012, please click here to retrieve your key.

Purchases made at Parallels website between June 21, 2010 and August 12, 2012 can be looked up here.

Please contact Customer Service if:

  • You made an error in your email address during the purchase;
  • You do not know your order reference number for the purchase and cannot look up the order using links above;
  • Your order for the third party software was placed at Parallels Online Store before June 21, 2010.

Note: If you purchased the third party software from a reseller, please contact the reseller for assistance.

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