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World of Tanks game asks for DirectX installation in Windows Virtual Machine

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac


I cannot run World of Tanks in Windows Virtual Machine. DirectX installation is required during World of Tanks setting process.


  1. DirectX is disabled in Virtual Machine configuration
  2. Windows performance settings are not allowing to run such games as WoT


  1. Set DirectX10 in Virtual Machine configuration:

    • Go to menu bar at the top > Virtual Machine > Configure...
    • Go to Hardware tab > Video > 3D-acceleration
    • Choose DirectX10 from drop-down menu
    • Increase Video memory to 512 Mb
  2. Improve Virtual Machine performance by adding number of CPU and increasing Memory volume:

    • Go to menu bar at the top > Virtual Machine > Configure...
    • Go to General tab
    • Increase the number of CPU: not more than 50% of the available processors on Mac. If there are 4 cores on Mac, the maximum recommended rate is 2 for Windows.
    • Set the maximum volume of Memory within the recommended limits on your Mac.
  3. Make sure that your system has all of required DirectX .dll's

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