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Fonts are not printed correctly if "Add all Mac printers" is enabled

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac


I can print from Windows Virtual Machine, but the fonts do not look correctly.

I am using network printer and the option "Add all Mac printers" is enabled.

When printing the same document from the Mac side it looks correctly.


"Add all Mac printers" feature allows to share all printers connected to Mac with the Virtual Machine. If this option is enabled, Parallels Desktop installs the default PostScript (HP) drivers for the printers.

It provides the ability to print the regular documents, but all special features (like printing special fonts, duplex printing or printing envelopes) will not work. Sometimes the printed document will not be displayed properly because the printer and the default drivers are not compatible.

If you would like to enable special features of the printer (or just to have the fonts printed correctly) you may consider disabling the "Add all Mac printers" feature and connecting your printer to the Virtual Machine through USB or Network.


  1. Please go to the Virtual Machine Configuration -> Hardware -> Printer and disable the option "Add all Mac printers"

  2. Switch to 'Network' tab and change the Network type to Bridged (Default Adapter)

  3. Start the Virtual Machine

  4. Go to Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers -> click on 'Add printer' and follow on-screen instructions to install the network Printer. Please refer to your printer's Installation Guide for more details on installation process

  5. Try to print.

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