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Option 'Use all displays in Full screen' is gray and unavailable

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac


  • I have two displays and I want to run my virtual machine on both displays in a Full Screen mode.

  • If I go to View menu (in the Mac OS X menu bar) option 'Use all displays in Full screen' is gray and unavailable.


There is no 'Display Adapters' in Device Manager (go to Start > right-click on Computer > Manage > Device Manager) and the proper drivers for Parallels Video Adapter are not installed.


NOTE: We recommend you to take a snapshot before proceeding with further steps. To create snapshot please follow: Working with snapshots

After snapshot is created, please continue with the following:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Display

  2. Open Settings > Advanced > Adapter

  3. Check what video adapter is listed there (in this case it was VGA device)

  4. Click Properties and choose Resources

  5. Check the field: 'Conflicting device list' (e.g. "Intel(R) 82815 Processor to AGP Controller - 1131")

  6. Go to Device Manager. Find conflicting device in the list (e.g "Intel(R) 82815 Processor to AGP Controller - 1131") and choose Uninstall

  7. Right-click on Computer (at the top of the list) -> Scan for hardware changes.

  8. Wait until Parallels Video Adapter is installed.

  9. Restart the virtual machine.

  10. Enter Full Screen mode.

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