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Unable to start Boot Camp based Windows 8 Virtual Machine in Parallels Desktop 8 on new MacBook 2013

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I cannot start Windows 8 based on Boot Camp Virtual Machine on a new MacBook 2013

Virtual machine hangs on 'Trying to boot from SATA 1...'


  1. Download from the attachment. Move it to the Desktop.
  2. Extract file from the downloaded archive to Desktop
  3. launch Terminal (it is located in Applications -> Utilities)
  4. In Terminal type in (press Return after each line):

    cd ~/Desktop
    sudo chmod +x

    (Enter your password, you will not see it on typing)

    perl -pi -e 's/\r\n/\n/g'
    ./ <path-to-VM> 

where <path-to-VM> is a path to Bootcamp-based virtual machine, e.g. Windows 8.pvm.

To make it more simple you can just locate your Boot Camp Virtual machine .pvm file in Finder (by default it is located in /Users/username/Documents/Parallels), then drag-and-drop that file from Finder into Terminal window right next to ./

the correct string will look something similar to this:

    ./ /Users/appleseed/Documents/Parallels/My\ BootCamp\ Windows8.pvm

Press Return and wait for the script to fix the issue.

The successful output will be:

    Checking registered VM list...
    Searching bootcamp hdd...
    Copying efi partition...
    Operation needs root permissions
    Configuring disk image...
    Enabling efi boot...

    The VM has been successfully configured.

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Windows 8

MacBook Air

Unable to boot from Boot Camp with newest Macbook Air




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