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Parallels Premium Outbound Antispam mail statistics are empty

  • Parallels Plesk Panel 11.0 for Linux


Since the moment of installation, the Parallels Premium Outbound Antispam mail statistics are empty, i.e., 0 (zero) messages processed.

This issue is reproted as fixed since Plesk 11.0.9 MU#35


The issue is sometimes caused by the way PHP is configured on the server:

Some functions are disabled in “php.ini” (disable_functions = dl, exec, passthru, pcntl_exec, posix_kill, posix_mkfifo, posix_setuid, proc_close, proc_open, proc_terminate, shell_exec, system, ftp_exec, leak, posix_setpgid, posix_setsid, proc_get_status, proc_nice, show_source).


The issue will be fixed in a future update for which a new Knowledgebase article will be created. You may subscribe to new articles on Parallels Plesk Panel products if you wish to receive notifications about their creation.

As a workaround following instructions may be used:

Modify the ctoblogs.php script so that it uses the Parallels Plesk Panel PHP engine:

Back up the script:

# cp /opt/ctch/ctoblogs.php /opt/ctch/ctoblogs.php.orig

Open it for editing and change this line:


to that:


Remove previous stats:

# rm -rf /var/log/ctchob/*

When statistics are calculated manually, the .part file gets overwritten and the lastepoch gets changed. That is why it is not recommended to run this script manually.

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