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Unable to connect to CD/DVD 1 error message after upgrade to Mountain Lion

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


After update to Mountain Lion your virtual machine does not recognize CD/DVD media and gives the error message:

Unable to connect to CD/DVD 1


The issue is caused by the fact that the CD/DVD device fails to be properly unmounted from the Mac side when trying to pass into the virtual machine.

Workaround 1

  1. Eject any CD or DVD media from the drive
  2. Go to Virtual Machine menu > Configure... > Hardware > CD/DVD 1 and set it to Default CD/DVD

  3. Insert your CD or DVD media to the drive

Workaround 2

  1. Put your CD/DVD disk in Mac CD/DVD-rom.

  2. Open Virtual Machine Configuration by clicking on Virtual Machine menu > Options > Sharing > Custom Folders... >

Click on + > find the mounted CD/DVD image in Finder and select it > click** Choose** > *OK. *

The CD/DVD media will be mounted to your virtual machine, you can access it from My Computer in Windows.

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