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Site cannot be opened with Firefox: "Loading online store..."

  • Parallels Presence Builder
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x for Linux


After adding the Online Store module, the site cannot be opened in Web Presence Builder with Firefox. The following notification appears:

Please wait.
Loading online store...


The following error is shown when you try to open the site with Internet Explorer:

Failed to load the store with ID 235667678. Make sure that you specified the correct store ID

The problem is caused by an invalid Ecwid account ID configuration for the site. To check your ID, open the site with Internet Explorer, open the page with the Online Store module, and click "Enter an ID of an existing shop."

In the database:

[root@plesk10 ~]# mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow`

mysql> select as 'Plesk Domain', s.uuid as 'Site uuid', s.ecwid_id as 'Ecwid account ID' from d, psa.dom_param dp, s where and dp.param='site_builder_site_id' and s.uuid=dp.val;
| Plesk Domain | Site uuid                            | Ecwid account ID |
|  | b1d53377-aead-255c-fd5f-e340fcb3a8a5 |        235667678 |


"" is the name of the domain that cannot be opened in Web Presence Builder.


To resolve the issue, open the site with Internet Explorer and remove the Ecwid account ID from your Online Store preferences:

Configure an Online Store > Enter an ID of an existing shop.

After you do this, the following notification will be shown in the Web Presence Builder menu:

Failed to load the store with ID 0. Make sure that you specified the correct store ID

The notification is shown only if Online Store exists on the site. To remove the notification, configure the valid Ecwid account ID in your Online Store preferences.
Note: You may remove the notification from the site of the domain ( without configuring the Online Store. Execute the following SQL query:

mysql> update set ecwid_id=NULL where uuid='b1d53377-aead-255c-fd5f-e340fcb3a8a5';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)
Rows matched: 1  Changed: 0  Warnings: 0


"b1d53377-aead-255c-fd5f-e340fcb3a8a5" is the UUID of the site.

0324051e74e0392d1551a3b559b09eaa 49af2da0f2dd4c81e962790bbbd0c2b4 5d735c0e028ee5b991e4fb80d34fb87f 56797cefb1efc9130f7c48a7d1db0f0c f36c5c36aad86685b6f729cd4414053c

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