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How to install Windows 3.11 using Parallels Desktop for Mac

  • Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac


In order to install Windows 3.11 to Parallels Virtual Machine you need to install MS-DOS first. Please follow instructions in the KB #113442.
After you have successfully installed MS-DOS to your Virtual Machie, please do the following:
1. Mount Windows 3.11.iso and MS-DOS.pvm to Finder. (Go to /User/Documents/Parallels/, locate your DOS virtual machine and open with Parallels Mounter).
2. On MS-DOS [C:] drive create Temp folder:

3. Move all files from Windows 3.11.iso image to created Temp folder.

4. Eject both drives from Finder.
5. Start MS-DOS virtual machine and type the following commands in the Command Prompt:
cd temp


6. Windows setup should be started. At the first dialog windows press Enter to continue with setup process.

7. Wait until network card would be detected.

8. Choose partition and folder to install Windows (C:\WINDOWS)
9. Setup will continue:

10. After setup has been finished you would be prompted to specify your Data:

11. Follow other on-screen instructions to specify your printer driver and DOS editor. 
12. Restart your Virtual Machine.
13. Wait until MS-DOS starts and type the following command in the Command Prompt:

14. Your Windows 3.11 now should be up and running. 

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