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Gray square appears when switching to Coherence

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac


When switching to Coherence a gray square appears in the middle of the screen. The square is always at the same place and appears only when switching to Coherence.


Some applications do not allow to check what their current window position is. Here is the list of such known applications:

  • Magix PC Check & Tuning Free 2011
  • Data Protect by Quickbooks


1) To handle Magix PC Check Live related issue, disable automatic start of the Magix PC Check Live program from the “Magix PC Check & Tuning Free 2011” package. For Quickbooks, you need to disable intuitdataprotect.exe process to solve the issue

2) To isolate the issue and locate the program which causes the square to appear (in case you do not have Magix PC Check Live installed), please do the following:

  1. Start the virtual machine,
  2. Click on 'Start'.
  3. Type into the search field:


    Hit Enter.

  4. Go to Startup tab and disable all startup items.

  5. Turn on startup item Parallels Tools.
  6. Click 'OK' and restart the virtual machine.

After the virtual machine has been restarted, please try to enter Coherence, note, if the square would appear again.

(If you are unable to switch to Coherence, please go to msconfig and make sure Parallels Tools are enabled).

If the box still appears, you need to disable all services in the Services tab of msconfig as well:

  1. Start msconfig.

  2. Switch to Services > check the option "Hide all Microsoft services" > click 'Disable All'.

  3. Re-enable Parallels Tools service and Parallels Coherence service.

In case Coherence has been started with no problems - you are able now to locate the conflicting software by enabling applications and services in msconfig configuration window one by one and checking the issue.

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