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Migration error: "Could not resume the migration. Try to start the migration again."

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac


This error can occur due to an interruption in the connection (network or USB) between source and destination systems.


Make sure that the connection has been restored and use the Retry button. Migration is supposed to continue from the place where it has been interrupted.

If the above did not help, try the following:

1. On the remote end: close Parallels Transporter Agent , perform filesystem health check and start it again.
2. Locally: close Migration Wizard.
3. Make sure that the connection has been restored.
4. Retry migration.
5. If the problem persists on your Mac, press the Report a problem button. On a remote PC, press the Report a problem from the Parallels Transporter Agent system menu.
6. Contact Parallels Support, explain the problem and provide reference numbers when possible.

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