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Windows 7 virtual machine fails to join the Homegroup if started with Bridged:Airport networking mode

  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac Standard Edition


Quite often, the Windows 7 virtual machine fails to join Home Group if it is started in Bridged:Airport networking mode.
Instead, Windows machine will continue to be a member of 'Unidentified network'.

Usually switching back to Shared Network, for some time, then switching back to Bridged:Airport helps Windows to recognize the Home Group successfully.


1. Open the virtual machine configuration;

2. Go to Hardware tab and click on Network 1;

3. Uncheck the "Send the host's MAC address to DHCP server" check-box.

4. Switch to Windows and assign a static IP address in the Local Area Connection properties.

Note: If the above does not help, the only solution is to use Shared Networking mode for your virtual machine.

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