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What is a product ID? What is it for?

  • Parallels Desktop

What is Product ID?

A Parallels Product ID is 14-digits secure code divided into 3 sets in the following format:


It is created at the moment of activation of Parallels Desktop and contains the information about your Parallels Desktop for Mac activation key.

What is Product ID for?

A Parallels Desktop for Mac Product ID prevents stealing activation keys out of installed copies of Parallels Desktop, because

  • the Activation Key is not visible in Parallels Desktop UI;
  • the Activation Key is not stored on licenses.xml file;
  • a Product ID cannot activate Parallels Desktop.

How to find Product ID?

You can find the product Id if you go to Parallels Desktop menu > About Parallels Desktop:



You can also search on the licenses.xml file which is available here:



Note: In case you have Mac OS X Lion installed, you need to click on Go in the top Mac menu bar, click on Computer and follow the path above.

In Parallels Desktop 7, 8 and 9 you can find your product ID in the activation window:

Parallels Desktop menu > Activate Product:


If your copy has not been activated yet, the Product ID will not be available until you activate your copy.

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