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How can I restore client's backup on another server?

  • Parallels Plesk Panel


You have a backup created under customer and you need to restore it to other Plesk server. The initial server is not accessible.


Such way to restore backups is not oficially supported you should restore backup which has exported format. Please check Plesk Server Backup Script to get information how to create backups properly.

However you can try to use the following workaround to restore data:

  1. Find out customer name and GUID on source server. Find a line in file backup-client1_customer1_info_1307151439.xml like below:

    <client skin="Vista" name="customer1" contact="customer1" guid="1d5fb49f-e9c2-4371-b7e3-ad75af1e3baa" id="2" owner-guid="2f8c9301-70cf-4568-abd9-d718dee8828d" cr-date="2013-07-12">

    You can see that name="customer1"

  2. Create a customer with the same name as on destination server. The newly created customer will have a different GUID and owner's GUID as opposed to GUIDs in backup.

  3. Determine the current GUID of customer and its owner on the destination server in clients table:

    # mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` psa
    mysql> select id,login,guid,parent_id from clients;
    | id | login     | guid                                 | parent_id |
    |  1 | admin     | 2f8c9301-70cf-4568-abd9-d718dee8828d |      NULL |
    |  2 | customer1 | 1d5fb49f-e9c2-4371-b7e3-ad75af1e3baa |         1 |

    As you can see above customer with login customer1 has GUID 1d5fb49f-e9c2-4371-b7e3-ad75af1e3baa. Client's owner is admin because parent_id=1 which is refers to admin with GUID 2f8c9301-70cf-4568-abd9-d718dee8828d.

  4. So apply appropriate changes in .xml file and perform backup restoration.

    <client skin="Vista" name="customer1" contact="customer1" guid="1d5fb49f-e9c2-4371-b7e3-ad75af1e3baa" id="2" owner-guid="2f8c9301-70cf-4568-abd9-d718dee8828d" cr-date="2013-07-12">


restore customer backup to other Plesk

migration and transfer from another plesk server

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