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Using keyboard with Parallels Access

  • Parallels Access

Using Keyboard with Parallels Access

Parallels Access makes working with applications installed on your Mac or PC much easier with the help of advanced Mouse and Keyboard features. Parallels Access will launch the Keyboard automatically when you tap on any field where text input is possible:


Advanced Keyboard

Parallels Access has an advanced keyboard feather. This is a full keyboard including navigation keys, F1-F12 function keys, Ctrl, Alt, Delete etc. Tap on the keyboard icon to activate.


Some keys expand further to display additional keyboard options:


How to hit a shortcut?

To hit a hot key simply tap on the keys you need in right order. Functional keys like Ctrl, Alt will turn blue if you tap on them so to pass a shortcut to an Application simply tap on the keys needed (Ctrl + Alt + Delete; Ctrl + C) etc.

How to make some function keys always visible?

When working with applications you may need some function keys quite often. Click on the Settings as shown on the picture to pin some frequently used keys:


The Keyboard will look display the keys you have pinned. To show original keyboard you can either tap on the Keyboard sign or use 3 fingers tap gesture.



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