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Unable to add a hosting panel to Customer and Business Manager due to its module is not displayed

  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x for Linux
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x for Windows


Go to System Configuration > Server Groups and view the list of available Panel modules (the Add a Panel dropdown menu). Only Plesk for Unix and Plesk for Windows are available. Other modules are hidden.


We suppose that Parallels Customer and Business Manager (former Parallels Plesk Billing) mainly serves Parallels panels rather than other hosting panels (supported in versions 5.x and 6.x). For this purpose, CBM displays only Plesk for Unix and Plesk for Windows panel modules by default; other modules are hidden.
Non-Parallels panels remain available after the upgrade to the Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x only if these modules were used before the upgrade.
If one considers using non-Parallels panels, this article provides a solution on how to make these modules visible.
The visibility of foreign panel modules is regulated by the boolean parameter panels_hideNonPleskPanels.


To view the current visibility setting, execute the following SQL statement in billing database:
select value from settings where name = 'panels_hideNonPleskPanels';

1 – hide foreign panels (default)
0 – show foreign panels

If there are no such parameter in DB then the default value ('1') will be used.


If you do not have this parameter in DB then to insert it, execute the following SQL statement in billing database:
insert into settings (name, value) values ('panels_hideNonPleskPanels', '0');

If you already have this parameter in DB then to change the value, execute the following SQL statement in billing database:
update settings set value = '0' where name = 'panels_hideNonPleskPanels';

Upgrade issue

After the Parallels Plesk Billing is upgraded, the option 'panels_hideNonPleskPanels' will be set up to '1' or '0' depending on the configuration.  If Parallels Plesk Billing has non-plesk panels in server groups, this option will be set up to '0', otherwise -  to '1' automatically.

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