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How to get Parallels Desktop support?

  • Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac
  • Customer Service and Licensing


I need to contact Parallels Desktop technical support.


Register your copy following the instructions given here:

Once registered you will be eligible for:

  1. 30 days FREE Email, Chat and Phone Support from the registration date;
  2. 24 months FREE Installation and Upgrade Email Support from the release date (till September 4, 2014 for Parallels Desktop 8 customers; till September 5, 2015 for Parallels Desktop 9 customers).

Once your copy is registered you will get your Support Code. The support code is required to contact the Parallels Technical Support team via Email, Chat or Phone or Skype.

To check your support code and available support options, please log in to My Account, go to Technical Support section.

How to get technical support?

  • Self-Service Resources

Prior to contacting our Support Team, the best place to find answers to your questions is to search our Knowledge Base or the Parallels Forums.

  • Email support

To get email support for Parallels Desktop

NOTE: If you use Parallels Desktop 8 or 9, you can start submitting request from your Parallels Desktop. For this, go to Help in the Mac menu bar and select Request Support. You will see a similar window:

Click on Get Support button. Once you are redirected to support request page, log in to your account and proceed.

  • Phone support

You can reach Parallels technical support team using one of the following options available at

  • call Parallels using toll-free or one of the local phone contact numbers. Please select your country from the menu for your local Support phone number;

  • call Parallels using Skype or Click-To-Call solution.

NOTE: Parallels Desktop Support provided in English only.

  • Chat support

Go to to start a chat session with Parallels Support representative.

  • Tweet Us!

Follow @ParallelsCares and tweet us your questions and read our Parallels Support Tips and Tricks each day!

Purchasing support

If your 30 day complimentary Phone Support option is expired you can purchase Phone Support here:

Parallels Support Team will follow up with you shortly once your Support order has been completed.

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