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How can I get a free 6-month Parallels Access subscription?

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Any user of Parallels Desktop 9 or Parallels Desktop 9 Switch to Mac edition is eligible for a free 6-month (for Parallels Desktop 9 users) or 1-year (for Parallels Desktop 9 Switch to Mac users) non-renewable Parallels Access subscription.

To get a free Parallels Access subscription you need to register a Parallels Desktop 9 key under your Parallels account.

Note: if you register a Parallels Desktop 9 key after you have purchased an auto-renewable subscription for Parallels Access, the purchased subscription will not be extended for the free period.

Once Parallels Desktop is registered and activated, go to Parallels Desktop menu > Preferences > Access and click Install.

The process of downloading and installing the Parallels Access agent will be started. You can monitor the progress in the Preferences dialog.

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As soon as the Parallels Access agent is installed and started, it connects to the Parallels Access server automatically, using the credentials that were used for your Parallels account.

Note: to get a free subscription you should log in with the e-mail address which you used to register your Parallels Desktop 9 license.

Once the Parallels Access is connected to the Parallels Access server, your Parallels account automatically gets a free 6-month (for Parallels Desktop 9 users) or 1-year (for Parallels Desktop 9 Switch to Mac users) non-renewable Parallels Access subscription.

Please go to the Parallels Access mobile application, sign in to your Parallels account and locate the remote computer you would like to connect to. A free subscription will be waiting there.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.: What should I do when a free Parallels Access subscription provided to me expires?

A.: You can pay for the another subscription period in the Parallels Access mobile application: open Parallels Access and tap the "Subscribe" button located under the managed computer icon; or from

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